computer/visionboard120.jpgWorking on a computer can be difficult for those with aging eyes, dexterity problems, arthritis, and shaky hands.  There are, however, tools that can come to your aid. The Vision Board is one of them.

This keyboard has oversized keys with large letters and number keys. Keys are about 1” by 1” and are 33% larger than keys on a standard keyboard. The keyboard eliminated most of the extra rarely-used used and focuses on the keys necessary for everyday computing.

For those with dexterity problems, it improves finger contact, makes the keys easier to press, and increases overall keyboard control. 

For those who want to take off their bifocals or who have vision difficulties, the high-contrast black on while oversized letters and numbers are easier to see and help reduce eyestrain. 

The Vision Board comes with a cable for the round keyboard connector (PS/2) that is available on most PCs. It can also be used with Mac computers and PCs that only have USB ports with the addition of a simple PS/2 to USB converter that is available at any Radio Shack or computer store.

Price: Prices vary greatly. Available at the Chester Creek website for $69. Also available at Amazon.