When you were a kid you probably played thoughtlessly in the sun. Now experts are say that sunlight is dangerous. Well, other light may be dangerous as well. We know of the dangers of UVA and UVB, but now another unseen culprit, the blue light emitting from our digital screens may also be deteriorating our health. You don't want to miss this.

You might say that I was before my time. For years I wore computer glasses that blocked out certain harmful light rays. Both of the companies that created those glasses went out of business. But guess what, it seems that they were also ahead of the time.

The latest research shows that the screens on computers, tablets, and smart phones have strong emissions of blue light. They say that this causes myopia and age-related macular degeneration. Some experts even stat that "the blue light and UV lights penetrates lens and reaches the retina and causes free radical damage which makes pigment epithelial cells in retina die and makes photosensitive cells in-nutritious and causes impaired vision.

While it is yet to be determined how detrimental this light is to our eyes, most experts agree that it is detrimental. We are now seeing computer glasses and screen protectors that block blue light. Follow me here at Compu-KISS as I follow this closely, review products, and share my findings with you.