I recently tried to find kid-appropriate videos for my grandchildren on YouTube and found it to be quite a chore. Then I discovered a website that does all the filtering work for you. If you want to show the kids or grandkids fun videos without any worry, this website is for you. We had a ball with it.

kideoslogo.jpgWhen my two-year-old granddaughter wanted to see videos of trains, we headed over to YouTube. While we found some good videos for her to watch, we also found a lot of junk and some videos that were completely inappropriate for a two-year-old.

I was pretty frustrated, but after a little research, I found the Kideos website. Kideos is perfect because it filters the videos and offers only those that are kid-appropriate. Kideos features YouTube videos for kids. You can simply click on an age group to find kid-appropriate videos as well as age-appropriate videos. It takes all the work out of finding videos that the children or grandchildren can enjoy. I love it.

Age groups range for 0-2 to 9-10, but even older kids can enjoy these. In fact, I laughed right along with the kids.

At Kideos, you can also find videos from the Disney movies, Pixar shorts, Sesame Street clips, and even some of the latest TV shows like Barney, Word Girl, and Hannah Montana.

They also have channels like cars, farm animals, and cats. And yes, they even had a special channel for trains and machines that was perfect for me and my granddaughter.

If you have an iPhone, it gets even better. There is a free iPhone app that lets you look at Kideos videos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

If you want to have some fun watching videos with the kids, Kideos is perfect!!

Link: Kideos