filmstrip.jpgIf you have a video camera, there will come a time when you would like to grab a frame from the video to use as a picture. While this can be a complicated endeavor, this program makes it easy.... and it is free.

filmstrip.jpgWith the popularity of digital video cameras, there is often the need to grab one frame of the movie and turn it into a picture. Doing that is very easy with a free program called Image Grab. This program is written by a Frenchman who does software programming in his spare time. He graciously offers his programs for free.

Image Grab
is a simple program that allows you to grab any image from almost any type of video and turn it into a picture that you can print, use as your desktop wallpaper, or use to create a slide show.

Just surf over to Paul Glagla's Image Grab page and download the free program. Once it is installed you will want to return to Paul's page and scroll down to his excellent instructions on using the program. Paul provides step-by-step instructions with screen shots showing you exactly what to do. Just follow the instructions and you can grab any frame from a movie. You can either use the icon buttons or shortcut keys to make your choices. The beauty is that it is all clearly explained in Paul's mini-tutorial.