moveiprojector.jpgIf you haven't yet been bitten by the video bug, you may be soon. Everyone seems to be posting videos on YouTube. Small, handheld video cameras are easy to carry and easy to use. But if you want to have videos that look good, you may want to do a little editing. Here is a nifty free software for editing your videos.

Microsoft makes it easy to edit your videos with their free video editing software. There are two different versions available. Windows Live Movie Maker is for Windows Vista and 7 only. Windows Movie Maker is for Windows XP only.

With these programs you can create, edit, and share your home movies. It is a far cry from setting up a screen in the living room and using a projector to show your vacation movies.

You can build your move by simply dragging and dropping. You can add captions, titles, and credits. You can add music and delete scenes you don't want. You can even add effects like panning and zooming. The Windows 7 and Vista version is better than the older XP version, but both are useful for any blooming videographer.

Windows Live Movie Maker (Vista and Windows 7)

Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP