entertainment/verbatimmoviedisk.jpgOkay, I admit it; I am a sucker for good design and quality construction. Add a retro-look, and I’m completely hooked. No surprise then, that I simply love the new DigitalMovie DVD Media by Verbatim.

These recordable DVD discs can be purchased in either DVD+R or DVD-R format. They can be used for all your DVD movies, whether you are transferring old VHS tapes to DVD, creating exciting new movies, or copying digital video to DVD.

Verbatim uses their high-performance Metal Azo dye formulation to extend the media’s archival life and ensure the reliability of the data that is stored on the discs. The unique blue/silver color of the bottom of the discs confirms the existence of the Azo technology. After extensive testing, Verbatim says that these discs will last for about one hundred years. Compared to a ten-year life span for most ordinary VHS tapes, this provides a great incentive to transfer your VHS videos to these long-lived DVDs. (For more information on the lifespan of Verbatim discs and Metal Azo technology, read Verbatim’s White Paper.)

These discs are not only unique in their technology; they are truly distinctive in their appearance, as well. They are done in a distinctive “Movie Reel” design. By using various colors and textures, Verbatim has created discs which look just like old movie reels. The design is truly well done. Even though they are flat DVDs, they have the appearance of being three-dimensional film reels. They even have a white tape design across the disc where you can use a soft tip pen to title the DVD. This adds to the retro look. The soft plastic jewel cases have even been specially designed.

The DVDs are encased in special clear plastic jewel cases that are designed to accentuate the “reel” look of the DVDs. These stylish cases are the same height as a VHS cassette and same thin profile as a standard CD/DVD jewel case. Since they are the same width as a standard CD/DVD, they will fit in most CD cases. They are available in three-packs.

These discs are perfect for your own archival purposes, but they are even better for creating DVDs that you will distribute to others. Whether you use them to impress clients or send them to relatives so they can see the grandkids, these are bound to make a great impression


Manufacturer:  Verbatim

Price:  3-pack $11.99