searchMost of us were amazed the first time we used a search engine like Google to get information. Today I’m going to tell you about another way to get information that may impress you even more.


It is not a search engine like Google, but is rather, a computational knowledge engine. It is a website called Wolfram Alpha.

There is a major difference between Google and Wolfram Alpha. When you search using Google or another search engine, it searches the web and gives you links to all of the information that it finds. The results are shown in a long list of links to other websites.

Wolfram Alpha does not search the web. Instead, the results it gives are based on a large collection of data that they have accumulated. Their algorithms, and methodology are amazingly good. Instead of a list of links, you get the answer to the question you asked. Some people call it an answer engine.

If you ask it the life expectancy of a 40 year old woman, it will give you exactly what you asked for along with charts, graphs, and additional information. Ask what the mortgage payments would be on a 30-year mortgage at today’s going rate and the answer will pop up.

 Wolfram Alpha is an amazing resource that you should keep at your fingertips right next to Google.