handprint.jpgAs more and more people use laptops, netbooks, and touch screen cell phones, I am seeing more and more dirty screens. These small devices are handled constantly, so fingerprints and smudges accumulate quickly. Here's the best way to keep your screen clean so your eyes don't have to work so hard.

handprint.jpgFingerprints and smudges accumulate quickly on the new netbooks and laptop computers. Remember that the screens on these devices are delicate. Wiping them with a shirt sleeve or tissue can scratch the screen.

So it is best to purchase a cleaning cloth that's specifically designed for computer monitors. They are a good investment because they are inexpensive and last a long time. Tuck one inside your laptop case and use it regularly. Keeping the screen clean is better for your eyes. If you have one of those shiny new laptops, you can also use the cloth to keep the outside sparkly clean as well.

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