laptopoutside80.jpgIf you have a laptop or a netbook, then this tip is for you. There is one important thing that you can do to keep your portable computer from needing expensive repairs. Here it is:

laptopoutside80.jpgWith laptop and netbook computers becoming wildly popular, many people are carrying them around. When you move your portable computer from place to place, you should always remove the power cable from the computer.

Transporting the laptop with the power cable attached can damage the port that the cable attaches to. While this might seem like a minor thing to repair, it is often quite costly. Because of the small space that all the components are jammed into in a laptop or netbook, repairing one can be an expensive proposition that requires expert care and expensive proprietary components.

So remove that cable when you move the laptop and you will take one big step toward extending the life of your portable computer.