globeinhand.jpgThe internet is truly international. The Compu-KISS website has visitors from over 160 different countries. So sometimes people email me in a language that I don't understand. This used to be a problem, but not anymore. This free service will translate any text or webpage quickly and easily. And it understands more than forty different languages.

globeinhand.jpgThe world is getting smaller, and while English is often the language of choice, there are times when we find a web page or a message in another language. Google offers a great free translation service for those times. Just surf over to Google Translate and paste in the text that you want to translate. If you want to translate a webpage, just enter the URL. Then choose the language that the text or the webpage is in and the language that you want to translate it into. For instance, I recently got an email that I couldn't understand in Portuguese. So I just copied the text of the email and pasted it into the Google translation box. Then I chose to translate it from Portuguese to English, clicked on the Translate button and Voila! The translation appeared right on the screen.

As you may know, this type of automatic translation is not perfect, but it is very good. If you use this often, you can also install the Google Toolbar and access it from there. It does not appear automatically on the Google Toolbar, but once the toolbar is installed you simply choose Settings, then Options from the toolbar and put a checkmark in fron of the Translate Menu section.

Google Translate