travel/motorcoach.jpgThe group travel industry is booming and at the center of it all is the long-distance motorcoach. If you haven't ridden on a bus lately, Peter Pantuso of the American Bus Association says, today's motorcoaches aren't your mother's buses.

In the bus industry right now, we're beginning to see satellite television, XM radio, hook-ups for your laptop, television screens in the seatbacks like some of the airlines have. Lots of trends that make it a more individualized experience where you select what you want to watch or what you want to listen to.

Motorcoaches have moved more people than airlines and Amtrak combined and they have quite an impact on local communities and their tourism.

Peter Pantuso of the American Bus Association says, “Almost every community in North America has something that people want to see. Could be a butterfly museum, could just be going to look at leaves. Those are the kinds of things that show you a piece of Americana. And that's where the bus can take you where there might not be an airport or an Amtrak station.”

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