New Laptop Bags Pass X-ray Screening

One of the biggest hassles of traveling with a laptop is having to remove the laptop from its bag for airport security. When you are struggling to take your shoes off and hold onto your boarding pass, removing the laptop from its case can be quite a challenge. Although it is only a small relief, the TSA has approved new bags that can go throught the X-ray machine. They are coming soon and may be a worthwhile investment for road warriors.

Bag Helps Laptop Pass Air Security

July1, 2008.........The New York Times

Armchair Travel

Without a doubt, travel and sightseeing are fun and enriching experiences, yet travel takes a lot of time, money, and energy. If you are short of cash and pressed for time, why not stay at home with your computer and do a little armchair traveling? Get ready for an adventure because now you can do more than just look at pictures in travel brochures and dream about a vacation. Be prepared to take a virtual tour around the world and experience real-time events taking place on street corners and harbors or at other unique venues via the Internet.

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Boarding Passes on Your Cell Phone

Not only can you check in with your mobile phone, but now Continental is testing electronic passes, that allow a traveler to board the plane without ever touching a piece of paper. Everything is done via cell phone and the Transportation Security Administration and many airlines agree that it is the wave of the future.

Paper Is Out, Cellphones Are In 

March 18, 2008..........The New York Times


Driving Distractions

travel/driving distractions.jpgWhen you drive, how much of a distraction is talking on a cell phone, eating or fiddling with the radio? Researchers are trying to find out by scanning the brain during those situations.

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Segway Human Transporter

travel/segway.jpgThe Segway, a self-balancing human transporter that looks like a scooter, but is really a breakthrough technology. It responds to your body in the same way that your own arms and legs respond to your mind. It’s not your daddy’s bicycle, for sure!

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