We are currently struggling to find alternative fuels. Could your future automobile be powered by hydrogen? General Motors is testing hydrogen fuel cell cars right now in a program called Project Driveway. You can learn all about it here.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States come from oil-based vehicles used for transportation. With oil prices unstable and environmental concerns increasing, many automakers are testing vehicles powered by hydrogen.


Researchers are continually working to replace the fossil fuels we currently depend on to power our vehicles with clean, renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells run cleaner than gasoline engines and have zero emissions. In places like Buffalo, NY, where hydroelectric power from Niagra Falls supplies clean, renewable electricity to Oxy Chemical, whose chlorine manufacturing process creates hydrogen as a byproduct; researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology found the reduction in greenhouse gasses was 85 percent.

Project Driveway is the largest real world test of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Over one hundred, hydrogen-powered Chevrolet Equinoxes are currently being used by real consumers to help understand what it will take to bring the vehicles to market.