Don't you just hate it when you travel and forget some essential item that you have to then go out and purchase? Well, I hate that too, but it hasn't happened since I started using this free service to make sure I don't forget anything.

There is always a certain amount of pressure when you pack for a trip, that's why things often get overlooked. Packwhiz is a website that can help you pack for your trip. It can quickly create a checklist for you.

You can have Packshiz create a packing list automatically and then personalize it or you can start from scratch.
Once you thoughtfully prepare the list, you can just print it out and check the items off as you put them in you suitcases. You can share you list with others and even better - you can reuse it later for your next trip. You can even create multiple lists like one for business, one for the beach, and one for the mountains.