Printers & Power Strips

Power strips and surge protectors are useful pieces of equipment. A power strip gives you additional outlets while a surge protector offers additional outlets plus surge protection. However, you have to be careful if you have your printer attached to one of these. Here's what you need to know.

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Keep your Pinter Youthful

When the print heads or nozzles in an ink jet printer start to dry up, printing is dramatically affected. This drying causes poor print quality, streaking print, white lines across the printed page, and eventually no printing at all. All you have to do to keep the print heads and nozzles in good working order is to use the printer. It is inactivity that causes the deathly dryness. So go ahead and print often. If you don't print on a regular basis, be sure to print a test page at least one a week.

If you won't be using your printer for a few weeks, it may be wise to remove the cartridges and put them in sealed plastic bags. However, each printer may be different, so be sure to check the documentation that came with your printer for the proper procedure.

Brother Multi-Function Printer MFC-665CW

hardware/brother665cw.jpgAll-in-one, multi-function printers have become the rage with home and small business computer users. Why not, they now offer a myriad of features at very reasonable prices. Yet, each manufacturer and each model can vary greatly in capabilities. So purchasing an all-in-one requires some investigation on the part of the end user. I set out to find the most full-featured all-in-one available, and I think I found it.

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Printing What's on the Screen

If you want to print a copy of what's on the screen, press the key marked "Print Scrn" or "Print Screen". Although you won't see anything happen, this will put a copy of the screen into the Windows clipboard. Open the Paint program that can be found by going to Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint and select Edit - Paste. This will copy the desktop image from the clipboard into the program. Then Select File and Print.

If you prefer, you can also paste the picture from the clipboard into any paint-type program, or even Microsoft Word or a word processing program. It's a little bit of work, but when you need to save a copy of something on the screen, being able to print the screen can be invaluable.


Don't Hurt Your Printer

printerwithoutput.gifBelieve it or not, many people are inadvertently harming their ink jet printer without knowing it. Here’s an important tip that can keep your printer running smoothly.

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Dell Personal Laser 1700

hardware/dell laser 1700.jpgIf you find inkjet printers too costly to operate and you don’t need to print in color, this Dell Personal Laser 1700 may be for you! It’s fast, inexpensive, and it produces good quality printed pages.

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