Eliminate Extra Print Pages

printers.jpgDon't you just hate it when your print a web page and only one or two lines appear on the last page, wasting paper and ink? Well, here is solution to that problem. It's a free program that will eliminate those unneeded pages and print only the ones you really need.

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New Features in Printers

kodakesp7sml.jpgWould you like your printer to have a button to immediately cancel a print job? Would you like a printer that hooks up wirelessly so you can place it anywhere in the house? How about a printer that can scan a document and email it without using a computer? Well, all of these functions and more can be found in some of the newest printers.

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Lexmark All in One S605 Printer Review


The Lexmark Interact S506 is an All-in-Once printer that is one of the newest Internet connected printers on the market. It prints, scans, and copies very well, but it has a few problems. Click here to read about my experiences with this new Lexmark printer.

Choosing Photo Paper

filmstrip.jpgTaking digital photos can be fun. But there is a lot to know about printing your own photos. This quick tip will help you print the best pictures so you can preserve those memories in the best way possible.

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Cure for Clogged Ink Cartridges

inkbottle.jpgInk jet printers are wonderful, but sometimes the ink cartridges get clogged, especially if you don't use them for awhile. Here's a quick tip that may get them working again.

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Print a Test Page

epsonstylus320.jpgYou can have your printer print what is called a test page to make sure that it is working properly. But a printer test page can give you other important information, as well. Some will tell you how many pages you've printed, exactly how much ink you have left, and even the number of copies you have made.

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