HP Envy All-in-One Printer

If you are looking for a beautiful printer, the HP ENVY is a great choice. It looks so good that you could easily put it in any room of the house. It has a great feature set, but it is not a printer for everyone.

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Stopping a Print Job Easily

brotherhl2140.jpgAt one time or another, just about everyone has pressed the wrong button and started a lengthy print job they want to stop. Stopping a print job can be problematic, unless you follow this tip.

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Brother HL-2140 Review


An inexpensive monochrome laser printer can be a money-saving addition to your computer setup. Use it right along side your ink jet. The laser printer uses toner that is much more cost effective than ink. So you can save a ton of money on ink costs and eliminate those pesky trips to the store for ink. I am currenly using the Brother HL-2140. It's an inexpensive laser printer that works very well. Here is my review.

Can't Print a Webpage -- Here's the Solution

Have you ever tried to print something from the Internet only to find that no matter what you do, the print command will simply not work? If you have, you are in the right place. I'll tell you what you need to do.

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