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Dymo Letra Tag

gadgets/letratag.jpgDo you remember the first label maker you ever used? It was probably one of the embossing labelers where you twisted the dial to a letter, pressed down to make an impression on the tape, and then struggled to remove the backing of the tape to adhere it to your project. More than likely, your old hand-crank labeler was a Dymo.

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Roomba Robotic Vacuum

gadgets/roomba.jpgWhile factories have used robotics for years, and robotic toys have been popular, the first truly useful everyday robot has recently arrived in the form of a vacuum cleaner. Roomba is a little battery-powered vacuum cleaner that scampers around the room picking up the dirt and dust that accumulated so quickly on the carpet and floor.

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Affordable Hot Stuff

scenes/fire.jpgThere is a lot of great new technologically advanced equipment arriving in the marketplace everyday. Often people purchase these great new products in order to be on the “cutting edge”. Instead they find themselves on the “bleeding edge”. Also the latest and the greatest new technologies are always costly.

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Washing Machine Calls Home


Technology brings us a constant supply of little conveniences that make our lives easier. ATM machines give us access to cash anytime day or night. Cell phones put us in constant communication with family and friends. The Internet opens a world of information right on our desktop. There is no doubt that technology will continue its penetration into our daily lives. Some will make life easier but some may be quite superfluous.


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Easy Open Cans



When is a metal can more than "just a can?" When it's Silgan Containers' new metal food can Dot Top™ that offers easy-opening and reclosable convenience in a metal package.

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