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Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo

Getting organized can be a challenge, but the Dymo Twin Turbo LabelWriter makes it easy. Great for SOHO businesses and even individuals, this label writer lets you create two different sized labels at the same time. If you hate waiting in line at the post office, check this out. It will even print stamps.

Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo Review


Clothes That Clean Themselves

Not only can they make clothes that clean themselves in sunlight, but at the same time pathogens such as bacteria in the clothing can also be destroyed. Technology is threatening many different devices that we have used for years. Will the washing machine be one of the next victims??


Clothes That Clean Themselves

February 20, 2008.........MIT Technology Review 


New Gadgets for 2008

starrynightbed.jpgNew technologies in 2008 bring  us some new gadgets that were previously unavailable. These include everything from robots to clean your gutters to excellent wireless speakers to printers that don't need any ink. Be sure to check them out!

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A Package Opener That Really Works

openit.jpg If you have ever struggled to open a thick plastic package or to remove plastic strapping from a box or new product, you will love Open It!This is a product that makes opening those clamshell packages and blister packs easy.

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