Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop

computer/microsoftwirelessdesktop.jpgA good keyboard can make a big difference in your everyday computing life. Certainly the keyboard you received with your computer is adequate, but there are alternatives that offer more comfort and convenience. If you compare the computer keyboard to an average automobile like a Honda or a Buick, then the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Keyboard is truly the Cadillac of keyboards.

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Executive Attache Flash Drive

gadgets/executiveattache.jpgThis useful device is a fully functioning writing tool which opens to reveal a USB hard drive. Why carry two pieces of equipment when one will serve two different needs? I use my “pen” daily for scribbling notes and writing memos. I also use it to backup files and carry data between home and work.

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It seems that as we travel down the high-tech highway, we accumulate more and more devices to carry around. First there were laptop computers, cell phones, and PDAs, then came digital cameras, GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, and MP3 music players. Maybe someday we will be able to combine the functionality of these devices into one or two pieces of equipment.

In the mean time,

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Ergonomic Quill Mouse Eases Strain

gadgets/quillmouse.jpgIf your hands are not as nimble or quick as they used to be, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to affect the fun you are having with your computer. Although a bit unusual in style and structure, Quill AirO2bic (Aerobic) mouse can be helpful in many situations.

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Amazing New Gadgets

gadgets/gadgetman.jpgFast moving technology is always producing new products and gadgets. These new devices and ideas are always fun to hear about, yet many are simply high-tech toys. Today we will skip the toys and tell you about some new innovations that are truly useful.

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