Laptop Desk -- Simple Accessory Provides Comfort

gadgets/laptopdesk.jpgIt's the rare simple device that hitches a ride on multiple trends simultaneously. How simple? Three moving parts.Which trends? First, folks downsizing living quarters as their nests empty; second, increased use of laptop PCs as primary, only, or secondary computers; and third, laptop computers operating hotter as they become ever more powerful.

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DocuPen --World's Smallest Portable Scanner

photo/docupen.jpg Weighing in at just 8 ounces, the Planon DocuPen R700 and R800 - hand-held scanners are the tiniest scanner I’ve ever seen. At 8 inches long and less than an inch in height and width they look like an oversized pen. Other scanners of this type scan only a few lines at a time, but the DocuPen can scan an entire page.

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Wireless IntelliMouse® Explorer

computer/intellimousewireless.jpgThe lowly little mouse started off as a small box with a cable in the early 1960’s. The innovations in mouse technology that have appeared since then may seem small to the end user, but they are significant in increasing productivity.

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Orbit Trackball


Kensington Orbit Trackball's unique design provides a comfortable hand-hugging position for both left- and right-handed users. This trackball is also good for arthritic hands. New features allow users to automatically scroll or zoom without using scrollbars or menu screens. 90-day no-risk trial. $60.

Kinesis Keyboard

computer/kinesis.jpgThe Kinesis Contoured Classic Keyboard is an ergonomic programmable keyboard with re-mapable keys. Its concave layout allows one's hands to be in a correct and comfortable typing position and transfers certain functions from overused little fingers to stronger thumbs.

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Keyboard Organizer

computer/keyboard organizer.jpgThe fast-paced world that we live in has most of us performing two or more tasks at once. Why not have our computer equipment do the same?

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Zip-Linq Retractable Cables

Wireless networks are hot in today’s computer world. It’s nice to be able to have computers communicating without tearing up the walls for wiring. Yet we still have to deal many other cables and wires. Cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players all have cables for recharging. There are telephone cables and USB cables to contend with.

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