Otterbox Pink Nano Defender Case

otterboxpink.jpgThis Otterbox case not only protects my iPod Nano, but 10% of the purchase price goes to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. I was able to support a good cause, while protecting my Nano. On top of that, I love the pink two-tone case.

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Optical Mouse

computer/optical mouse.gifA breakup is underway between the mouse and its sidekick, the mouse pad. Belkin encourages you to grab their new Optical"! Mouse F8E850-OPT in one hand and throw out your mouse pad with the other.

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Energi To Go -- Cell Phone Emergency Power

travel/energizerbunny.jpgLast year I was in with a GMS cell phone with an International calling plan. I was all set, but drats!! The European power supply and power plugs were totally different from the American standards. Could I use an adapter to charge my phone or would the higher European voltage fry my phone? This is just one situation where the new Energi gadget would have come in handy.

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Wireless mice and keyboards offer you the ability to move around without being tethered by wires. Most work by radio frequency. You plug the transmitter into the USB port on your computer, add batteries in the keyboard and the mouse and the new devices will be active.

Remember that the batteries will eventually wear out. If you have been using the wireless keyboard and mouse for a few months, and they start to act erratic, the first thing to do is to change the batteries.


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Advanced Protection Laptop Sleeve

gadgets/laptop sleeve.jpgGood looking, easy to carry, easy to use and on top of all that, it offers a unique defense system for a laptop computer. Water resistance and shock absorbency are excellent features, but the high-tech protection against environmental pollutants and corrosion this case offers is truly unique. This bag has a multi-layered construction using a proprietary material called Corrosion Intercept that was originally designed to protect missile and space components. This material keeps gases and other environmental corrosives from damaging the contacts, switches, housings, and circuitry components in cameras, computers and other electronic gadgets.

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Today's Computer Mouse Isn't Just for Clicking

computer/naturalmouse.jpgIf you've kept the same mouse as you've moved through multiple, ever-improved, personal computers, you've missed significant evolution of the species. And if you've just switched rodents without updating your mouse-related software, you're missing out on many tricks they can do. Today's computer mouse isn't just for clicking!

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