Computers & Tablets

Dell Dimension 8300

computer/dell logo.gifOkay, maybe you’ll never be another Stephen Spielberg, but working with video is an exciting endeavor. Today’s computers let you produce and manipulate videos to create your own blockbuster. But you won’t be using any old computer. Video editing requires a powerful computer.

When I wanted to have some fun with videos, I asked the folks at Dell to put together the ideal video editing computer system. All Dell systems are built to order, so this was an easy task for them.  Here’s what they came up with:

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Flat Panel Purchase

computer/flat panel.jpgFlat panel LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors have been available for quite a while and have been used extensively in laptop computers. Until recently, the price of these monitors kept them from being commonplace. However, recent price reductions have now made them affordable for the average computer user.

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IBM Thinkpad T22

computer/ibm_thinkpad_t22.gifThe IBM ThinkPad has a reputation of being the Cadillac of portable computers, the mainstay of the corporate road warriors. While this pricey portable lived up to all usability, performance, and durability expectations, a few minor flaws spoiled its otherwise perfect scorecard.

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eMachines PC

computer/emachinet6524.jpgWe all know that you can spend $2,000 or $3,000 on a computer that will perform every trick in the book. Can a $599 computer be worthwhile? I took a look at an EMachine T5026 to find out.

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Computer Purchasing Guidelines

computer/computer.jpgWhenever I am at a social event the conversation always turns to computers and technology. (Can’t imagine why!) The most often-asked question is, “What should I look for in a new computer?” So for Roger, Betty, and all the others who have asked, as well as those who might ask in the future, here’s the answer.

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Dell Dimension 4100

computer/dell dimension 4100.jpgYou can easily purchase a personal computer today for less than $1,000. So why would you want to pay more for a PC? The Dell Dimension 4100 answers that question by providing a complete package featuring a robust computer system with high-end components. This Dell Dimension has excellent performance, durability, full expansion potential, and numerous features. This Dell is sure to give a home enthusiast or small-business user just about everything they could want in a computer.

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