Computers & Tablets

Is There a Tablet PC in Your Future?

ipad.jpgApple's iPad tablets are flying off the shelves and many competitors are introducing similar tablets. Here's a brief synopsis of the tablet situation and what it means to you.

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Netbooks Are Not Desktop Replacements

dellmini.jpgThe new laptop-type of computers are called netbooks. They are tiny and highly portable. They look just like laptops but lack some of the major features found in most laptops.

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computer/imacround.jpgWhen I first saw a picture of the new iMac it reminded me of a hair dryer from the fifties. My reaction was, “How could Apple, the high priest of computer design, have developed such an awkward, flimsy-looking machine?”  Yet, when my iMac was delivered, I changed my mind almost immediately. The new iMac is much sturdier than it looked in the pictures. The flexible arm that attaches the flat panel monitor is quite strong.   It allows the user to adjust the monitor smoothly and easily. The space-saving, all-in-one design looks amazingly good on my desktop.

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Toshiba "Work Horse" Laptop Computer

Toshiba L300If you are looking for a work horse computer, the Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-EZ1005Xthat I just review may be the one for you. There is nothing spectacular about it. Yet it has everything you need for good everyday computing.


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The Dream Computer - Gateway FX530XT

computer/gatewayfx530.jpgIf you dream of a high-end, cutting-edge computer, the Gateway FX530 series is for you. Although the 530 series start at $999.99, with a little customization, these computers can easily run over $4,000. Yet, you can get just about everything you've ever dreamed of.

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Intel's Centrino Technology

computer/intellogo.jpgIf you haven’t yet heard the name CentrinoTM, Intel wants to make sure that you hear it soon. This is the first time that Intel has branded a combination of technologies under one name. The technologies include a newly designed microprocessor, integrated wireless capability (Wi-Fi 802.11) as well as related chipsets and software.

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