Cell Phones & VoIP

Cell Phone Differences

gadgets/cellphoneinhand.jpgBeing an informed consumer is difficult in today's high tech world. Thirty years ago, the most high tech item in use by the average person was probably a calculator. The quality of a calculator was directly proportional to its cost, so it was a fairly simple product to purchase. Most of the high tech products that we use today are not so easy to purchase. Many have their own associated "lingo" that makes the technology difficult to understand. While the personal computer easily fits into this group of products, the cellular telephone may well be one of the most complicated pieces of electronic equipment to purchase today. Besides understanding the different technologies associated with cell phones, you must also find the technology that is available in your geographic location. Then you must decide where you want to call, when you want to call, and how long you want to talk in order to purchase the proper service plan. This is without even mentioning other major purchasing factors, such as size, usability, and battery life.

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GPS Cell Phones

gadgets/cellphoneinhand.jpgToday’s tech vocabulary includes words like e-files, e-shopping, and e-learning. Soon you will be hearing a new phrase, E-911.

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