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iPhone 2 - Twice the Price, Half the Cost

iphones.jpgWhen the iPhone was introduced last year, my advice was "Wait for the next version." Well, that version is here now. Just announced by Steve Jobs, this new iPhone may be the one to buy. With 3G support, it is twice a fast. It also has satellite navigation capability.....and the price for the 8 gig abyte model has been cut to $199. In the near future, there will also be many additional software programs. It may really be the time to buy!

NOTE: Not part of the original announcement is the fact that AT&T has upped the cost of the monthly data service for the iPhone from $20 to $30. See my blog for more comments.


Apple takes wraps off "zippy" iPhone, cuts price

June 9, 2008.................Reuters

iPhone -- The Good, the Bad, and the Future

gadgets/iphone.jpgI'd be surprised if you haven't yet heard the hype about the iPhone, Apple's new combo telephone/iPod gadget. Last month people were standing in line to purchase the new iPhone when it went on sale. After trying the iPhone myself, I can now give you an overview of this much anticipated new high tech device.


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Jitterbug Cell Phone for Boomers & Beyond

jitterbug.jpgThe Jitterbug is a new concept in cell phones. While many of today’s cell phones can take pictures, surf the Internet, and play music, the Jitterbug. can’t perform any of these tasks. It is simply put….. a cell phone that does only one thing. It makes and receives phone calls.

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Recycle Cell Phones

cellphonesinpile.jpgEvery year millions of cell phone wind up in the trash and leach chemicals into the earth. While recycling electronics has usually been a hassle, these new programs for recycling cell phones make it easy for you to do your part to keep our earth green.

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Goog411 -- Free Directory Assistance

hardware/girlonphone.jpgCall me cheap, but for many years, when I needed to find a telephone number, I pulled out a telephone book rather than incurring the charge imposed for dialing 411 for directory assistance. On rare occasions when I used 411 recently, I have been really aggravated by the tag line, "and we can dial that number for you for an additional $.50". Or perhaps they are charging even more now. Alleluia! Now you can get good 411 service for free.

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Skype Offers Free Calling

technology/skype.jpgIf you have an Internet-connected computer and you are still paying the telephone company for long distance calls, it may be time for you to try free calling over the Internet.

Other than the Internet connection you already have, there is very little initial cost and no ongoing costs. Right now you can call anyone with a computer for free. You can also use your computer to call regular telephone numbers very inexpensively. This is an offer you really should investigate.

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