Cell Phones & VoIP

Keeping Your Telephone Number

telephonenumberpad.jpgWould you like to stop paying those monthly telephone bills? Today there are a lot of options. The one that I chose was to get rid of my landline and go all cellular. But I wanted to keep my home telephone number. Here's how I did it.

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Cell Phone Reviews


Buying a cell phone today is a complex task. There are so many different types and styles that making a choice can be mind-boggling. That's why I have focused on reviewing cell phones, Read my reviews either here or on HardwareSectets.com to get the real scoop. Here are links to a few of my cell phone reviews:

The iPhone 3G - A SmartPhone that is actually easy to use

T-Mobile's G1 (Google Phone) -- I loved it except for a few major drawbacks

Samsung Eternity - Not as "smart" as the previous phones, but still capable

The Jitterbug -- A simple cell phone for seniors

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate

Common Cents Mobile Phone with Prepaid from Walmart

Snapfon eZ One --Simple Cell Phone for Seniors

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBery Tour

LG Accolade -- A Basic Cell Phone

Palm Pre


Apple Recalls iPhone Power Adapter

Defective Power AdapterIf you purchased a new 3G iPhone in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, or one of several Latin American countries, you will want to stop using the power adapter immediately and return it to Apple for a replacement. Details can be found on my Blog.

The Scoop on the New iPhone


Gadgets of all types, shapes, and sizes come across my desk everyday. Many incorporate new ideas and new features, but none can compare to Apple's new iPhone. Even if you aren't interested in purchasing one, you need to read about it just to see how far technology has come!

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Video Conferencing with Family & Friends for Free

Communicating with family and friends is an important part of each of our lives. Yet sometimes our friends and relatives and spread out across the city, the country, and even the world. Sure you can call them on the phone, but I have something even better. How would you like to see them on your computer screen and talk for free? That's just what this free program will allow you to do. It's a real winner.

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ICE Your Cell Phone - Save Your Life

The ACEP, American College of Emergency Physicians, has developed a great new website for everyone regarding emergency care. It contains some need-to-know information including how ICEing your cell phone may save your life!

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Cell Phone Charging on the Go


cellphoneinhand.jpgThe biggest problem with cell phones is that you have to keep them charged up. Here's a tip that can save you money and keep your cell phone going as well.

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