Cell Phones & VoIP

iPhone Apps Make Life Easier

iphone.jpgYou have probably seen the commercials for the iPhone applications. You can certainly do a lot with an iPhone or other smart phone, but are the things that you can do frivolous or are they truly useful? I'll tell you about some of my iPhone app experiences. You may be surprised at what these applications allow you to do with an iPhone.

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Reset Cell Phone or MP3 Player

frustratedman.jpgCell phones and music players are all like computers - they occasionally burp, freeze, or show other irregularities. Here's my quick tip for fixing these problems.

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Make Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

cellphoneinhand.jpgThe biggest problem with cell phones is that you have to charge the batteries. Everyone wants to have the batteries last as long as possible to lengthen the time between charges. This simple tip is something you probably haven't thought of, but it's an easy way to extend the battery charge of your cell phone.

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Universal Cell Phone Chargers Coming

cellphoneblue.jpgI remember the promises of how wireless computing was going to cut the cord and create freedom from wires and clutter for all of us. Well, Wi-Fi, laptops that run on battery power, cordless telephones, and cell phones have given us a certain amount of freedom. Yet, we still have to use cords, cables, and plugs to charge all of our growing number of wireless devices. As we become more and more reliant on cell phones, the aggravations of charging them up seem to grow.

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Smart Phone Capabilities

iphones.jpgHave you ever thought of reaching for your cell phone to light a dark area, to wake you up in the morning, or to help you hang a picture? Well, today's smart phones can handle these tasks and much, much more. For a quick look at what these phones can do, check this out!

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OtterBox Case for the iPhone

otterbox3gfront.jpgI needed a protective case for my iPhone and I found the perfect one. You might rather have the black case, but this pink one really turned me on! And 10% of the purchase price goes to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Check out my review!

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magicJack -- Good Telephone Service -- Cheap Price

magicjack.jpgWhen I see an offer that seems too good to be true, I am always skeptical. Yet this inexpensive  little gadget really works!

Just attach it to your computer and to any telephone (no telephone line needed) and you can make and get calls on the cheap. The device plus first year's service is $39.95. Each year after that is just $19.95 a year. It gives you free local and long distance, free voicemail, free directory assistance, and a free phone number. Check out the magicJack. it's saving me a bundle!

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