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Jitterbug J Cell Phone for Seniors


The Jitterbug J is a cell phone that is especially made for seniors. It is comfortable and easy-to-use. And it is more like using a regular phone than any other cell phone. Great for the vision impaired as well. You'll want to check this one out.

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Droid Incredible


incredible.jpgVerizon's Droid Incredible is, in fact, quite incredible. Three compies -- Verizon, HTC, and Google came together to make the Incredible. Good hardware and great software make it a smartphone worth looking at. Don't miss my Droid Incredible review. Even if you aren't interested in a smart phone, you will be amazed by all the things this smart phone can do.

Verizon Droid Cell Phone Review

Smart phones are the hottest things going right now. You can use them to surf the web, hold all your contacts, take photos and videos, play games, and a myriad of other things. I recently looked at the Verizon Droid, a smart phone that has a lot going for it.

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Smart Phones Are Not Just for Youngsters

iphone.jpgThe iPhone and other smart phones are not just for youngsters. In fact, boomers and seniors are finding that there phones not only give them access to the Internet when they travel, but are also much easier to use than many older phones with nested menus.

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iPhone 4 - Looking Good


iphone4.jpgThe battle of the smart phones heated up this week with Apple's introduction of the iPhone 4. As usual, Apple's designers have come up with something that the competition will struggle to duplicate.

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Area Code Location

There was a time when telephone area codes were easy to remember. 212 was New York and 312 was Chicago. Now, however, they have added so many area codes that it's not so easy to know where any of them is located. That is, unless you follow this quick tip.

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