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The Next Step in E-Books

 I've been following the development of electronic books for years. They have always been too expensive and lacking in content. This new e-book, the Kindle, created by Amazon and Google, still isn't perfect, but it may be a big step in the right direction.

Are books passé? Web giants envision the next chapter

September 6, 2007.......International Herald Tribune

AstronomyHacks-- A Book for Star Lovers

books/astronomyhacks.jpgStarting with basics such as Don't Give Up, Join an Astronomy Club, Safety First, and Stay Warm, the O'Reilly book, "Astronomy Hacks", progresses through topics such as choosing and caring for astronomical equipment, observing techniques, identifying objects, and using star charts.

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Google Hacks

Google is the search engine of choice for most serious Web searchers. Google Hacks is the book that will help those users make the most of their Google experience. Although the average Google user will certainly find tips and tricks to make their searching easier, this book is really for power users.

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Online! The Book

books/online the book.jpgAt first I thought that Online! The Book was poorly titled since so much of the book’s data related to off-line pursuits. In addition to information related to being online, this 700-page book also includes the particulars of storage needs, file formats, networking, cell phone technology, video encoding, and much, much more. So why did they call it Online! The Book?  Perhaps, the book was aptly named since it mirrors the online world in the amount of information that it covers.

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Audible Has An Audio Book For You

people/grandpamp3big.jpgDigital is a perfect match for the audio world. We can listen on portable music players while waiting at the doctor’s office, walking, or at the gym. We can play digital music on our computers. Listening to digital music is fun, but if you are a book lover, listening to digital audio books is even better.

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Google Pocket Guide

books/googlepocketguide.jpgGoogle Pocket Guide is a small 129-page compendium on Google. Early on the book explains: “If you can combine a little bit of knowledge about what you’re looking for with a good grasp of what Google has to offer, then you’re on your way to great search experiences…”

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Middle East Atlas

books/middleeastatlas.jpgWith global attention focused on the Middle East and tensions continuing to rise in Iraq and surrounding territories, National Geographic, the world's leading cartographic authority, has created and published a timely new collection of maps on the Middle East that helps explain and provide context for many of the important issues in this critical region.

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