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grandpamp3big.jpgAfter a long day of staring at the computer screen my eyes are just too tired for reading. Yet I love books.  That is when I turn to audiobooks. I find some great audiobooks without spending a penny at LivriVox. With the free audiobooks at LivriVox you can listen to all those books you've been meaning to read over the years. Listen on your computer or any digital music player!

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LIFE Magazine Pictures

lifecover.jpgRemember when you used to pay for a subscription to LIFE magazine just to get to see their wonderful photographs? Well, now you can see all the LIFE photographs for free.

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The Kindle 2 May Make Newspapers Obsolete

papercoffee.jpgThat morning newspaper and cup of coffee may be a routine that is quickly coming to an end. The technology in the new Kindle 2 ebook reader is  poised to replace your morning newspaper.....and it may be coming sooner than you think!

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Amazon Kindle E-Book Review

kindle.jpgThe Amazon Kindle is a new electronic book with some amazingly good technology. The screen and clarity is excellent. You can change the size of the text and still read easily.... and you can download books wirelessly while traveling down the highway. It's not perfect, but it is small, light, and pretty cool. Read my full review at Hardware Secrets.




Amazon Deletes Purchased Books

kindle.jpgIf you purchased an expensive e-book reader and some electronic books from Amazon and got up one morning to find that Amazon had deleted some of the books you paid for, how would you feel? Well, this actually happened... and it is an interesting story that you won't want to miss.

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How To Be a Geek Goddess

geekgoddess.jpgMen are from Mars and women are from Venus.....This is a very true premise when you talk about technology and how men and women look at it differently. Men and women relate to technology in completely different ways. This book tells about those differences and advises women on how they can use computers with the smarts and style that befits them.

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Computer Degunking Made Easy

ccleaner.gifReady for that Spring cleaning for your computer. This free program will clear all the junk out and leave your computer clean and running faster!

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