Book Readers & Tablets

E-Books vs Traditional Books

bookmarkYou may have heard that traditional paper books are disappearing in favor of those new-fangled electronic books. While e-books have made huge inroads in the publishing industry, I don’t believe that traditional books will ever completely disappear.

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Microsoft Enters the Tablet Business

Did you know that Microsoft’s first Tablet PC was introduced in 2002? It was a big flop. Now, however, on the heels of Apple’s successful iPad, Microsoft is trying again with its recently introduced Surface RT Tablet.

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E-Book Prices to Come Down

If you love e-books, you will be glad to hear that the price of e-books has started to plummet. This is because of happenings at an unlikely source, the United States Justice Department. You will want to read on to learn about this.

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Borrow Ebooks from your Local Library

We all see that because of the Internet, bookstores are disappearing. Yet libraries are embracing the digital world. Read this tip to find out how they are doing this, how you can borrow ebooks from your local library,  and how you can help keep libraries in existence.

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Kindle Paperwhite Review

I was very excited when Amazon announced the Paperwhite Kindle E-reader. My enthusiasm, however, waned when I got to take a good look at the device. Be sure to read my review before you buy a Paperwhite.

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Free Ebooks at Gutenberg

Ebook readers are becoming extremely popular. I myself own a Kindle and I love it! But I hate spending a lot of money on ebooks. So I head over to Project Gutenberg where I can choose from over 36,000 free books in formats for all ebook readers. If you own an ebook reader, you'll want to check this out.

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Free Ebooks

bookwithbookmark.jpgIf you were lucky enough to get an ebook reader for Christmas, there are plenty of free ebooks at this website. And if you didn't get an ebook reader, don't fret, you can read these books right on your computer screen.

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