Podcast 17 Blue Microphones, High Tech Washing Machine

Topic 1: Internet in the Air  -- surfing the web at 38,000 feet
Topic2: Super-sized laptops – great desktop replacements, hard to carry, etc.
Future Tech: Washer and drier call home
Product Review: WaterField laptop and gear bags
Tip: Add a strap or clip to your portable USB drive and/or cell phone

Citibank Scam

objects/moneymouse.jpgIf you receive an email from Citibank urging you to click a link to the Citibank website to verify your account information, don’t do it.

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Podcast 18 Genealogy, Spyware, Privacy

Interview: Dan Kane, Extended Family Ties
News: California legislation outlaws wireless piggybacking
Topic 1: Fighting spyware
Future Tech: Google's new listening techniques
Tip: Getting more out of a toner cartridge
Product Review: DLO CellShell