Podcast 24 Consumer Electronic Show

Show Notes & Topics:

News: Apple's new iPhone take center stage

Interview: Sandy Berger, Rich Rushforth, Dave Berger, & Gabe Goldberg discuss their Consumer Electronic Show experiences in Las Vegas

Future Tech: TV gets better than ever: OLED TV

Product Review:  Cell phone power on the road: Energi To Go

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Podcast 23 Spam, Computer Chess, Boomer Cell Phone

Show Notes & Topics:
News: World Chess Champion Defeated by Computer 
Topic 1:   Spam is Proliferating
Interview: Arlene Harris, co-founder and CEO of GreatCall, Jitterbug Cell Phone
Future Tech:  Pocket Projectors
Product Review:    Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe
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Podcast 21 Internet Explorer 7, Nancy Drew, Alzheimer's

Show Notes & Topics:

News:  Battery recalls expand

Topic 1: Internet Explorer 7 is here

Interview: Jessica Chang, Marketing Producer, Her Interactive, maker of Nancy Drew games

Future Tech: Experts investigate a vaccine for Alzheimer’s

Product Review:  Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R and Digital Movie DVD

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ITunes Tutorial for Podcasts

internet/itunes.gifIf you are using Windows XP, iTunes is one of the easiest programs to use to listen to podcasts and to organize your music It is available for free from the Apple website at www.itunes.com. Even though it is an Apple product, it works on both PCs and Macs.

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Podcast 22 Vista Coupons, Gaming for Adults

Show Notes & Topics:

News:  Upgrade to Vista coupons -- be careful

Topic 1: AARP convention and games and toys

Interview: Jim Thompson, President of Fanthom EFX Games

Future Tech: Pig to Human transplants on horizon

Product Review:  Lego Mindstorms NXT -- play with your grandchildren


Shareware Secrets

people/secret.jpgHalf of the fun of using the Internet is finding great inexpensive or free software programs.  The Internet is filled with programs of this type, but you have to know what you are looking for and understand the different types of programs. Who doesn’t like a freebie? There are plenty of free programs available but it is sometimes difficult to determine just what kind of program you are dealing with.

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Podcast 20 Online Music, AOL MusicNow,

Show Notes & Topics:
News:  Toshiba to make new Zune
Interview: Neil Smith, VP AOL MusicNow
Topic 1:  Spiral Frog to offer free legal music
Future Tech:  Cloaking Devices
Product Review:  Xavix Games
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