Podcast 31--Windows, Mac & Linux, Digital Picture Frames

News: Trojan horse impersonates Windows activation
Interview:  Dean Finnegan, president PanDigital with a wonderful digital picture frame

Topic 1:  Windows, Mac, Linux – Which is for you??

Future Tech: 3-D Printing looks like the replicators in Star Trekpeople/deanfinneganpandigita.jpg


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GOOG 411

New Breast Cancer Trial

Arthritis – 85 New Medicines in Development

Product Review:   Belkin N1 Wireless Router

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Podcast 29 --The Digital Home, Apple TV, Sonos

News: EMI & Apple will provide DRM free music 

Topic 1: Digital Home  - Apple TV 

Interview: Chris Fowler, Director of Operations for Sonos, a great multi-room digital music system

Future Tech: High Tech Slot Machines

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Back Up Outlook the Free & Easy Way

Online Becomes THE Place to Meet & Mingle

RSS Feeds Explained

Product-Review:  QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe by Logitech

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Podcast 26 - Video Software, Nintendo Wii

News: Lawsuits against Phishers
Interview: IAndy Marken, Marken Communications
Future Tech: Cell phone digital wallet
Product Review:  Nintendo Wii
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Podcast 30 - Internet & Society, Internet Radio

News: Dell to sell Windows XP computers again
Interview:  Tim Westergren, founder Pandora.com
        Help needed to save Internet radio
Topic 1:  The Internet, high tech, and  Society
Future Tech:
Cybertooth  to automatically dispense medication 
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    Television Choices Today
    Office 2007 – A Big Upgrade
Product Review:   iFrogz iPod & Zune Cases with Custom Colors and Graphics
   Finding an icon on a cluttered desktop

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Podcast 27 - The Memory Experts, Vista programs, ChatterBug

News: Lenovo recalls 205,000 batteries
Interview: Jeremy Mortenson, Product Marketing Manager for Crucial Technology, The Memory Experts

Topic 1: Vista – many software programs simply don’t work yet or cost extra $$

Future Tech: Cars that drive themselvesCrucial Expert

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America's 50 Best Hospitals
Daylight Saving Time May Cause Glitches This Year

Product Review:   The ChatterBug, $9.95 a month long distance calling with no computer

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Crucial Expert 

Podcast 25 Vista, Skin Cancer, Intuit Quick Books

Why read when you can listen instead? Hear Sandy & Rich talk about some great new topics in this podcast.


Show Notes & Topics:objects/listen.gif

News:Rich & Famous in Davos, Switzerland
Topic 1: Windows Vista is here!! Should you care??

Interview: Catherine Harrell, Sr. Marketing Manager, Intuit

Future Tech: OLED bandage for skin cancer

Product  Review:  Quik Pod camera extension

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Links mentioned in podcast

         Free Online Tax Preparation for Millions

         Vista Arrives – Great New Features

         Moving to Vista – What Not To Do