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Make Bank Deposits from Home

If you have a check to deposit, with ATM machines, you don't need to worry about the bank's hours. Now, this new technology means you won't  even have to leave home. Just scan the check into your computer and deposit it over the Internet.

Consumers can scan bank deposits at home

February 7, 


Google in Your Gas Pump

Google is everywhere! New plans will put Google maps in gas pumps. It may be a good idea. But will men be willing to get directions at the gas pump or will the idea of stopping be an embarasement?

Google to offer drivers help at gas pump

November 7, 2007.........................Yahoo! News 

Acer to Acquire Gateway

When I was in Europe last year, Acer computers were everywhere, but I didn't see any Acer computers here until recently. Now, with the purchase of Gateway, this Taiwanese company will be well on it's way to a real American presence as well as an increased global dominance. The deal will make Acer the third-largest computer manufacturer in the world.

Acer and Gateway may be able to share their designs and technologies to come up with a better computer. Hopefully, their increased purchasing power will also help lower prices.  Initial reports say that the Gateway name and cow boxes will remain.

Acer plans to expand Gateway brand after purchase

August 27, 2007 .....Computerworld 

Back Up Outlook the Free & Easy Way

email letter It can be difficult to backup your email. Each email program has its own file structure, folders, and locations. If, however, you are using Microsoft Outlook, backing up just became easy, and without additional cost.

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Buy a Laptop for a Child in a Poor Country

The One Laptop Per Child organization is expanding its reach with a new program. For two weeks in November for $400 you will be able to purchase one laptop for your own use and one to give to a child in a poor country.  This specially created laptop is truly unique -- David Pogue explains all in his article:

Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience

October 4, 2007.....................David Pogue, New York Times

Government Warns Public on Fake E-Mails

Warning!! An email from the IRS telling about a pending refund pending is probably bogus, as are many email from the FTC and the Justice Department. The Federal Trade Commission is warning about a huge increase in fake email that says it is from government agencies. Don't fall for these phishing scams.

Government Warns Public on Fake E-Mails 26,2007