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April Fool's Jokes 2014

If you like to have some fun with April Fool’s Day, you might find these jokes about high tech products appealing. Although some seem far-fetched right now, some previous Fool’s Day joke have actually become real products. Here are my top 5 picks for this. Take a look and have a laugh.

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Kodak to Shutter Camera Business

With the world going digital, things are changing quickly. We often have to say goodbye to some of the things we grew up with that have simply become obsolete. This is the case with “Kodak” a name that was synonymous with photography.

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Texting to Give Aide

cellphoneinhand.jpgText messaging took a twist last week when Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake. While governments and aid agencies moved into gear to help, the average American was wondering how they could help. They got their answer shortly after the quake when the Red Cross and mobile phone companies announced that they would take donations by cell phone.

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Fans Want Microsoft to Keep Windows XP

It's not about Windows Vista being a bad operating system. It's all about the extreme popularity of Windows XP.  Seems that folks are so happy with it, that they don't want to upgrade and they are letting Microsoft know that. Over 111.000 supporters have signed the "Save Windows XP" petition and Microsoft has already extended XP's life to accomodate these vocal XP users. 

Windows XP fans don't want it to XPire

April 14, 2008........................MSNBC 


The Technology That Toppled Eliot Spitzer

You may feel like you have some privacy, but even your banking deposits and withdrawals are being constantly scrutenized as Elliot Spitzer found out! This is an eye-opening article that you should read even if you are not interested in finding out how Spitzer was exposed.

The Technology That Toppled Eliot Spitzer

March 19, 2008............The Technology Review