Internet & Security

Internet Errors & What They Mean


Did you even try to get to a webpage only to receive an error like "server error", "database error", or "404 not found"? Here's a little tip on how to handle some of the more common Internet errors.

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FireFox 3.0 -- Looks Like a Winner

This is a big treat! This review of FireFox 3.0 was written by Al Brown. Many of you know Al as Big Toe from the Compu-KISS message boards where he shows his computer expertise and willingness to help others with their computer problems. In this, his first article for the Compu-KISS website, Al gives his thorough review of FireFox 3.0.

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Phishing Schemes Lead to Identity Theft

fishhook.jpgIdentity Theft is rampant. One of the tools that thieves use is called "Phishing". You need to protect yourself by learning all about how these phishing schemes are perpetrated and how to avoid becoming a victim.

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A Browser War is on the Horizon

boxinggloves.jpgGet ready for the browser war. As Microsoft and others realize that the browser will be even more important in the future, the battle of the browsers is shaping up to start in 2008. Look for new features in Internet Explorer 8 and Netscape 3.


Browsers Are a Battleground Once Again


May 26, 2008......................New York Times



The Internet Is Truly International

Did you know that the Compu-KISS website has visitors from Lesotho, Kyrgzstan, Quatar, Tanzania, and more than 190 other countries? This article will give you some interesting information on the real International flavor of the Internet.

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Microsoft Live Toolbar - One to Try

livelogo.jpgThe freebies available on the Internet are often amazing. This little beauty features special search functionality, one-click stock information, instant mapping, and one-click definitions as well as some other some pretty cool technology. It something you will all want to try! And it's a Free Download. Windows Live Toolbar.

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