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Internet Explorer 9 Review

After using Internet Explorer 9 for a few weeks, I can honestly say that it is the best web browser that Microsoft ever created.  Great new functionality, added security, and a very clean interface. Check out the details in my First Looks Review.

Navigate Webpages with Ease


easybutton.jpgWe all seem to be spending quite a bit of time surfing the Web. So here is a little-known quick tip that will save you time when moving around Web pages.

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You Should Install Two Browsers

browserlogos.jpgAfter years of helping people with their computer problems, I believe that every computer user should install two web browsers on their computer. In this article I'll tell you what a web browser is, why you need two of them, and how you can install what you need at no cost.

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Pull the Plug on IE6

Could you be inviting hackers into your computer just by surfing the web? The answer is yes, if you are using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Open Two Browser Windows at Once

2windows.jpgIf you are using any of the latest browsers, you can open several websites at the same time by starting them in a new tab. Pressing CRTL-T will open a new tab without closing the website that you were viewing. Then you can simply switch between the tabs to view the websites you have open.

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Get on the Internet Anywhere

mifi2200.jpg If you need an easy way to get on the Internet almost anywhere you go, check out my review of the Verizon MiFi 2200 wireless router. It is amazing....fits in your pocket and gets up to 5 devices on the Internet at the same time.


Sandy's MiFi 2200 review

Malwarebytes - Free Anti-Malware Program

devilmask.jpgA good anti-virus program is a must for all PC users, but today there is also malware that even a good antivirus program may miss. Not everyone needs an anti-malware program, but when you think you may be infected, this is a good free program to use.

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