Internet & Security

Microsoft Tech Support Scam

robberI recently wrote about a telephone scam that uses the Microsoft name. Although the phone scams seem to be in vogue right now, similar scams can occur by   e-mail, instant messaging, regular mail, and just about every other way imaginable. Here’s another way that they “get” you.

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The FBI Virus

In general, there is nothing scary about working on your computer. You may, however, get a good scare if your computer tells you that the FBI is watching your activities, that you have broken the law, and that you will have to pay a fine immediately. Don't worry. It's not the FBI. It's a computer virus. Here's what you need to know.

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Are Web-based Email Accounts Safe?


It seems that news about the hacking of email accounts has become an everyday occurrence. So just how safe are online email accounts? Do you need to be worried about your Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL email? Read this to find out.

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Windows 8 Picture Password

Have you ever been frustrated when you needed to access a Web site and couldn’t remember the password? Well, of course you have! It seems that we have all been in that aggravating position at one time or another.

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Internet -- Small Scams that Trick You

Just like in the real world, the Internet is filled with schemes and tricks to get you to do something that you may not be aware that you are doing. These scams are not illegal. In fact, they are practiced by many reputable companies. Read this to learn what you need to know so you won't be tricked.

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