Internet & Security

Cyber Attacks Become Sophisticated


Cyber criminals are increasingly launching more sophisticated and targeted attacks.
According to Symantec's semiannual Internet Security Threat Report, consumers are more at risk for Internet threats than ever before.

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Internet in the Air

travel/airplane.jpgOn a recent flight back from Sweden as I tried to get comfortable in my confined area, I realized that transatlantic air travel hasn’t changed much in the last thirty years. It still takes about 8 hours to fly from Stockholm to Chicago.

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Veteran's Records Stolen

people/veteran80.jpgA recent theft reported by the Department of Veterans Affairs puts millions of patriotic Americans at risk for Identity Theft. In May of 2006, a VA employee took a laptop computer containing personal information on more than 26.5 million veterans and their spouses home with him.

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Phony Microsoft Email

internet/email.jpgDid you recently receive an email from Microsoft with a patch for one of its products attached? Well, it may have looked like a message from Microsoft, but in reality it is part of an email scam. You can be sure that this is not a legitimate Microsoft email because Microsoft never sends patches or software as email attachments.

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New Web Browsers

internet/www.jpgMicrosoft recently announced of a new version of Internet Explorer, its much-used Web browser. Internet Explorer 6 is almost 4 years old, which is ancient in computer terms. So this new version has been long in coming and fans anxiously awaiting its final delivery.

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