Although digital wallets have been around for a while. This year we are seeing the battle of the Digital Wallets. And like it or not, you will be a part of this before long.

While many of us have put our checkbooks away and are paying most of our monthly bills online, in the near future we will be thrust into the era of mobile payments, where we will pay for things with our smart phones.

Yes right now you can already use a Starbucks app to pay for your coffee with your phone, but the big growth in mobile payments is yet to come. And it will allow you to pay for much, much more.
Japan, Scandinavia, Estonia, and in several undeveloped areas where many people don't have bank accounts and already using their phones to pay for everyday purchases.

Several large companies like Google, Isis, and Amazon are already players in this mobile payment market. There is a ton of competition in this market and all of these players are working diligently to make payments made with a mobile phone easier, safer, and more widespread. (By the way, Isis is a mobile payment system set up by US carriers AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. They are now being forced to change their name in response to the rise of the militant group that calls themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and uses the acronym ISIS.)

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Mobile phones are becoming more widespread and mobile payments are coming quickly. Get ready. With breakthroughs in drones, robotics, solar power, sensors, implants, and other technologies, the world we will inhabit in ten years will be much different from the one we have today.