hardware/cellphone.jpgIt's a daunting sight that can cause any consumer to flee in terror from their local shopping mall. The wall of products! Row upon row of merchandise that all look the same! How do you know which works best at a price you can afford?

You'd like to get dad a great gift for Father's Day or maybe something for the recent high school or college grad to show how proud you are of them. But how do you know which camera, barbecue grill, or mp3 player is really worth the cash?

Carol Lappin from Consumer Reports says now you can just ask your cell phone. “Consumer Reports' ShopSmart, is a new subscription service available on cell phones. It puts everything you expect from Consumer Reports right at your fingertips - ratings, reviews, prices, and reliable information on thousands of products whenever and wherever you are shopping so you don't have to waste time doing research before heading out the door.”
Lappin says the service, available on most major cell phone carriers, can also point you in the right direction on the best place to pick up your item.
ShopSmart subscribers get 24/7 pricing information and store availability powered by Yahoo! Shopping.
For more information, log onto ConsumerReports.

Courtesy of Medialink