redonlineshopping120.jpgShopping online can be fun and often you can find some real bargains. Just be sure to read this tip before you pull out that credit or debit card for an online purchase.

redonlineshopping120.jpgWhen you are making an online purchase, it is important to use a credit card rather than a debit card. If you use a credit card, the Fair Credit Billing Act will protect your transaction. Generally customers are held liable for only the first $50 worth of unauthorized credit card charges. Also you can handle any disputes through the credit card company.
It is important that you do not use a debit card when making online purchases. A debit card pulls the money right from your bank account. In the case of a fraudulent transaction it can take months to get your money back, if you are able to get it back at all.

If you can, get a credit card that you only use for online purchases. If that credit card is compromised, this will make it easier to determine where the breach came.