Money Savers

Make that Toner Last a Little Longer

With prices of printers plummeting, it is not a bad idea to purchase an inexpensive black-and-white laser printer to save money on ink for that color ink jet printer. Although a laser printer is much more economical, there is a way to get that toner cartridge to last just a little longer.

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Saving Money on Ink and Toner


printerwithoutput.gifWhether you are using an ink jet or a laser printer, there is an easy way to save money on ink and/or toner. This tip spells it out for you.

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Robust Start Menu Replacement

startbutton.jpgIf you have ever struggled with choosing items from the Start menu, this free program will be a godsend. I like it so much that I have started using it on all my PCs. It lets you move and rename items on the Start menu so you can find them easily. Best of all, the drop-down menu items stay on the screen so you don't have to struggle with those drop-downs that disappear just before you can click the mouse.

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Save Electricity the Easy Way


Experts estimate that 5% of the electricity used n the United States goes to standby power. They say we could save almost $4 billion a year just by unplugging battery blocks when the device is charged. Most of us just unplug the device and leave the charger plugged into the wall when we really should unplug the cable from the wall.  While this advice is perfect for cell phones, it also applies to PDAs, toothbrushes, and portable tools. Many of these devices trickle a charge even after the device is fully charged.


An Easy Way to Reduce Oil Consumption

For decades we have been told that we need to change the oil in our vehicles every 3,000 miles. Now that is old hat! You can save money, time, and oil by changing your oil-changing habits.

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A Good Habit to Help you Save

When you create a new document, name and save the document before you start working on it. This will allow you to simply click on CTRL+S or hit the save icon to save the document more quickly once you are involved in your work.