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Microsoft Nukes Gadgets including Clock and Calendar

SECURITY ALERT!! Microsoft is warning that you must disable your clock and other gadgets immediately. Details follow.

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Windows Update Jams Word 2007

I woke up to find that my Vista computer had restarted due to a Windows Update. I didn’t think that was a big deal until I tried to use my Word 2007 program. While everything looked normal. It did not act normal. I could not use the mouse to highlight anything. In fact, I could not use the mouse to move around in any document. I could not change the options in Word — even using the keyboard.

I tried deleting the Normal.docm file. No luck. I scanned for viruses. None found. So that brought me back to the Windows Update. I went to System Restore (Programs – Accessories – System Restore). Since Windows had just updated, Vista was nice enough to give me the option of going back to just before the Windows update. I performed the System Restore. Voila!! Everything in Word is now working again.

This was a weird one. Luckily the solution was easy. If you use Vista and Word 2007 and your computer just updated. Check out your Word program and make sure that it is working properly.

Buy a Vista Computer Now — Get Free Win 7 Upgrade Later

Microsoft has just announced a Windows 7 Upgrade Option program. This allows PC makers and retailers to offer free upgrades to Windows 7 for any PC purchased with Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate, or Vista Business. The program starts June 26 and ends January 31, 2010. The upgrade will be provided by Microsoft when Windows 7 is released on October 22, 2009.

This will allow you to buy that new computer now, and still get the newest operating system when it is released. The upgrade should be relatively easy, so I wouldn’t hesitate to get in on this offer. Just be sure that the place you purchase your new computer is offering this option and be sure to inquire about what paperwork you need to keep and/or to process now for your upgrade.

Buy Windows 7 Now — Save $$$

Microsoft is already striving to get through its Vista debacle and to create widespread acceptance of their new operating system, Windows 7. This is apparent in their new offer.

If you buy an upgrade copy of Windows 7 between June 26th and July 11th in the US and Canada, you can get a 50% discount over the estimated retail price for the two mainstream consumer editions. In the United States, you’ll be able to buy a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade for $50 or get Windows 7 Professional upgrade for $100. Microsoft just announced the retail price for those two versions to be $120 and $200, respectively. There are varying dates and prices for other countries.

The offer is available online from Best Buy, Amazon, and Microsoft’s own website. In case you’re wondering. The official release date for Windows 7 is October 22, 2009. I’ve been trying the pre-release versions for a few months and am loving it.

If your computer is currently running Vista, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 7 with little difficulty. If you are running Windows XP, install and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft’s website.It will scan your PC’s system, programs and devices and show you whther or not your computer meets Windows 7 requirements. It will also pinpoint any known compatibility issues with your programs and devices.

I am disappointed to see a retail price of $100 on Windows 7 Home Premium. I think it is too expensive. But I guess that Microsoft expected many of us to say that — so they have thrown us a bone with this offer.

Apple Lowers Cost of OS Upgrade — Microsoft Holds the Line

A few weeks ago Apple announced that it would charge just $29 for its newest operating system, Snow Leopard, which is due in September.

Many of us were holding our breaths, hoping that Microsoft would follow suit. But they didn’t even come close. Today Microsoft announced the prices for their new operating system, Windows 7:

Windows 7 Home Premium will cost $120 for an upgrade, $200 for a full version

Windows 7 Professional will be $200 for an upgrade, $300 for a full version

Windows 7 Ultimate will be $220 for an upgrade, $320 for a full version

Reuters and others have reported that Microsoft has lowered the price of the new OS. That is true. Currently an upgrade version of Vista Home Premium costs $130. The upgrade for Windows 7 will be only $120. So they lowered the price a whopping $10.

When you look at Apple’s prices for a comparable operating system, you will also see, that, as in the past, Apple will offer a family version of Snow Leopard. This will include five licenses to use the operating system on five different computers. The cost for that will be $49. Apple also has only one version of the software that does everything. Microsoft instead has a the complex system of multiple versions that do different things. Only the Ultimate version of Windows will do it all.

So, a family who want to upgrade their five computers running the current Apple operating system to the best (and only) version of the new Snow Leopard operating system will pay $49. A family who is currently using five computers running Windows, will have to pay $1,100 to upgrade to the best version (Ultimate) of Windows 7.

Let’s face it. That makes Microsoft’s prices outrageous — 22 times Apple’s price. So, as usual, Microsoft makes a $$$ statement that will ire many. It certainly has made me mad.

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