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Microsoft Nukes Gadgets including Clock and Calendar

SECURITY ALERT!! Microsoft is warning that you must disable your clock and other gadgets immediately. Details follow.

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Be Careful with Office 2010

Just went through a little nightmare with Office 2010. It’s free to use until Oct. 2010, so I decided to install it on my working computer. All went well with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. But Outlook 2010 was an entirely different story.

After installation, Outlook 2010 would start, but none of my email or folders were there. Trying to access any menu or do anything else for that matter,  made Outlook crash. It would not even start in Safe Mode.

Trying to open my old Outlook 2007, also did not work. Needless to say, I was quite upset.

I had to uninstall Office 2010 and reinstall Office 2007.  I now get an error saying that my Outlook file is from a newer version of Outlook and might not work in the older version. However, I can to past that and get to my Outlook files just as before.

Here’s my biggest gripe. Why did Microsoft have to tag my Outlook file with the “newer version” tag. Is that to make sure that I purchase the program when my trial expires? I also noticed that Microsoft advises you to remove older versions of Office before you install 2010. Again, is that to get you to buy rather than having to remove the new version and reinstall the old.

I have never really liked Outlook. I have used it because it is the most compatible email program. Now, however, Gmail’s compatibility is increasing. It is even fully supported on many mobile devices. So Gmail here I come. Too bad Microsoft, you just lost a good Outlook customer.

Windows Update Jams Word 2007

I woke up to find that my Vista computer had restarted due to a Windows Update. I didn’t think that was a big deal until I tried to use my Word 2007 program. While everything looked normal. It did not act normal. I could not use the mouse to highlight anything. In fact, I could not use the mouse to move around in any document. I could not change the options in Word — even using the keyboard.

I tried deleting the Normal.docm file. No luck. I scanned for viruses. None found. So that brought me back to the Windows Update. I went to System Restore (Programs – Accessories – System Restore). Since Windows had just updated, Vista was nice enough to give me the option of going back to just before the Windows update. I performed the System Restore. Voila!! Everything in Word is now working again.

This was a weird one. Luckily the solution was easy. If you use Vista and Word 2007 and your computer just updated. Check out your Word program and make sure that it is working properly.

FolderShare is now LiveSync

FolderShare is a free service from Microsoft that I use everyday to keep my files in sync over multiple computers including home, work, and several laptops. While I have had a few glitches, in general it has been a wonderful program. A few weeks ago Microsoft sent me a notification that they would be upgrading FolderShare and renaming it LiveSync. They also said that you would have to upgrade as the old FolderShare would no longer work.

Here’s the problem. When the notification came the other day, it was a demand. You must upgrade right now if you want to keep working. I have four computers and several co-workers sharing files with FolderShare. So I guess I was to drop everything and upgrade all at that moment. Well, it is now several days later, I have 3 of my computers working and will do the 4th soon.

This is, a good example of how Microsoft gets such a bad reputation. They often seem very demanding. I can’t however, really complain. This is a great program and it is free. Hopefully it will remain so.

For those of you upgrading to LiveSynch, you don’t have to uninstall FolderShare, just install the new software on all machines. After you install the software, you must start it working by choosing to run it from you program list. This seems slightly unintuitive since you would expect it to start automatically.

LiveSync is working fine on my 3 computers. The 4th one is a Server 2003 maching that I had trouble getting to work with FolderShare. I’ll soon see if LiveSync is any better and I’ll let you know.

iPhone Freezes

I still love my iPhone, but I have found one area where it is really buggy…..installing and updating apps. I previously noted that when I tried to update more than one application at a time, the iPhone hiccuped. I have now noted consistent problems installing and updating applications. Often the iPhone seems overtaxed when installing or updating apps. If this happens, it freezes and is totally unresponsive.

My advice is this:

  • Avoid using the “Update All” function
  • Install and/or Update apps one at a time
  • Do not do anything else on your iPhone while an application install or update is taking place

If your iPhone does freeze, you can reboot it by holding down the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the phone and pressing the Home button at the same time. Hold these two buttons down until the Apple logo appears, and the phone should be back to normal.

More information about this problem and resetting the iPhone can be found at iPhone Hacks.

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