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Windows 8.1 Preview is Here

Microsoft is in the process of improving Windows 8 and making it easier to use. I was able to recently take a look at Windows 8.1 (also called Blue).

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Apple’s New iOS 7 Will Make Your Apple Device Better Than Ever

ios 7
ios 7

The biggest announcement at this week’s Apple developer’s conference was the announcement of a new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iOS 7 will have a new cleaner look and plenty of new functionality. Siri will be smarter and you will have the option of using a male voice as well as the current female voice. There will be an activation lock to deter thieves and the photo app will be improved with filters and in-app editing.

Two new features that I applaud are the ability to get to the settings menu by swiping up with your thumb and the fact that now app will update automatically. There will also be a big update to Safari. In fact, if you have a compatible device, you will have a lot to look forward to with iOS 7. It will be available as a free update this fall.

iOS 5 — Apple’s New OS — Update your iPad & iPhone Now

Along with Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S, came another very important announcement — iOS 5. This is Apple’s newest operating system. Although it will come preinstalled on the new iPhones when they are released on Oct. 14th, it will be available for other Apple devices tomorrow.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, our iPod touch, you won’t want to miss out on this. It promises to be a fantastic upgrade. And it is FREE!

iOS 5 will work on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. It will also work with 3rd and 4th generation iPod touches and both versions of the iPad.

Install it by hooking up your device to iTunes and checking for an update. Once installed you should see a new Notification area, Twitter integration, a new Reminder feature, and improvements to navigation, surfing, messaging, and picture taking.

Apple didn’t say exactly what time the update will be available, but I am going to try to be the first in line!

If you don’t want to be first in line, I understand. Check back here in a day or two for my take on how hard or easy the download was and how worthwhile iOS 5 really is before you download it.

Apple Lowers Cost of OS Upgrade — Microsoft Holds the Line

A few weeks ago Apple announced that it would charge just $29 for its newest operating system, Snow Leopard, which is due in September.

Many of us were holding our breaths, hoping that Microsoft would follow suit. But they didn’t even come close. Today Microsoft announced the prices for their new operating system, Windows 7:

Windows 7 Home Premium will cost $120 for an upgrade, $200 for a full version

Windows 7 Professional will be $200 for an upgrade, $300 for a full version

Windows 7 Ultimate will be $220 for an upgrade, $320 for a full version

Reuters and others have reported that Microsoft has lowered the price of the new OS. That is true. Currently an upgrade version of Vista Home Premium costs $130. The upgrade for Windows 7 will be only $120. So they lowered the price a whopping $10.

When you look at Apple’s prices for a comparable operating system, you will also see, that, as in the past, Apple will offer a family version of Snow Leopard. This will include five licenses to use the operating system on five different computers. The cost for that will be $49. Apple also has only one version of the software that does everything. Microsoft instead has a the complex system of multiple versions that do different things. Only the Ultimate version of Windows will do it all.

So, a family who want to upgrade their five computers running the current Apple operating system to the best (and only) version of the new Snow Leopard operating system will pay $49. A family who is currently using five computers running Windows, will have to pay $1,100 to upgrade to the best version (Ultimate) of Windows 7.

Let’s face it. That makes Microsoft’s prices outrageous — 22 times Apple’s price. So, as usual, Microsoft makes a $$$ statement that will ire many. It certainly has made me mad.

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