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iPod Nano 3rd Gen Review

When the first generation iPod nano came out in 2005, I flew to the store to purchase one.  It was so small and thin….I was in love. I used it for several years, but, perhaps it was a little too small because I lost it. So I replaced that first nano with a 2nd generation nano, which was pretty much the same as the first one, but with a larger capacity.

Unfortunately, after about a year, I started having problems with that new nano. If you think that Microsoft is the only one who has software that freezes, think again. From day one, my 2nd generation nano froze occasionally, and eventually the freezes became so frequent that it was unusable.

Happily, because I had purchased a Sam’s Club insurance policy with that nano, it was replaced at no additional cost for a 3rd generation nano. Unlike the differences between the first 2 generations, this 3rd generation nano provided a great new look and some wonderful added functionality. I love the new “short” look, the ability to do videos, the new search feature, and the ability to view my music by album covers. While the Pros outweigh the Cons, this new nano is still not perfect. My full review is posted at Hardware Secrets.

Sandy’s Full Review at Hardware Secrets

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