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A Journalist Unjustly Accused in LA

What does this mean to the average technology user? It means that NOT EVERYTHING YOU READ OR HEAR ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE!! We often take Internet news as fact. The truth is that the Internet is not always accurate. Here’s the story of a journalist who was unjustly fired and tried on the Internet only to reveal that he was innocent. 

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No Internet Connection — Check for the DNSChanger Virus

One of the latest pieces of malware that you need to be aware of is called DNSChanger  and the circumstances surrounding it are completely different from any other virus attack. The DNSChanger virus can cause you to lose your Internet connection without any other symptoms.

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Broadband Internet Choices

Broadband Choices
Broadband Choices

Broadband Choices

Broadband Internet is often referred to as “high-speed” Internet because compared to dial-up Internet, its predecessor, it is really speedy. If you are still using a dial-up connection, run, don’t walk, to a broadband provider to upgrade. Every area of the country has different broadband Internet providers, so it is best to find a high speed internet provider by zip code.

Broadband offers so much Internet enjoyment that it is well worth any additional costs. And you may be surprised to find that it is only slightly more expensive than dial-up. With broadband Internet service, web pages appear quickly and you can watch animations and videos without any hesitation. A broadband connection makes the Internet “come alive” and makes any web experience more enjoyable.

The major types of broadband connections are DSL, cable, satellite, and mobile. DSL connections work over telephone lines and are provided by your local telephone company and others. Cable and satellite work over the backbone provided mostly by cable and satellite television providers like Time Warner and Hughes. Mobile broadband is offered by cellular network providers like Verizon, T mobile, and AT&T.

Often these services are offered as packages. So you can get a good price from Time Warner if you order their cable television, telephone, and Internet service. However, remember that no company that has service in your area will deny you Internet service if you don’t want to use them for other services.

There are a large number of broadband internet providers. So if you already have broadband, but are not happy with your service company, don’t despair. You can easily switch to another provider.

Internet Explorer 9 First Looks

The Internet browser wars heated up again this week with Microsoft’s introduction of Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9).  We have reached the age where much of our computing time is spent on the Internet using a Web browser, so it is only fitting that there be a lot of competition in the area of web browsers.

At one time Internet Explorer was the king, but it lost ground while competitors like Firefox gained in popularity. According to StatCounter, as of August 2010, IE held 51% of the worldwide browser market. Firefox had 31%. Google Chrome had 11% and Apple’s Safari and Opera had close to 4% and 2%, respectively. With Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft will try to stop the defections and make everyone want to use Internet Explorer again.

After a quick look, I can tell you that Microsoft did a very good job of cleaning up Internet Explorer, making it faster, and adding good features.

After installation of the new browser, which is still free, the first thing you notice is that IE 9 has a very clean minimalist design. There is just one bar at the top of the screen that gives you access to all of the browser’s functionality. This leaves a lot more room for the web page itself. Of course you can add toolbars if you like. Microsoft has included one thing here that I really like. At the right side of each toolbar there is an X, which you can use to make the toolbar disappear. With toolbars that seem to propagate like rabbits, many users will find this feature very useful.

The next great feature is that as in Google Chrome, IE 9 has a process separation so each tab runs in its own environment. That means that if the website running in one tab crashes, the rest of the browser remains functional. However, Microsoft has done Chrome one better. In IE 9, you can drag a tab right out of the browser and it becomes a fully functioning browser window on its own, so you can resize it or move it to suit your needs. Because Microsoft has also improved the hardware acceleration, you can even start a YouTube video in a tab and drag it out and not miss a second of the video. You can even drag a webpage to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and “Pin” it there so you can access it later with a single click.

Microsoft has now added a feature where all of the notifications appear at the bottom of the screen. No more pale yellow notices at the top of the screen where no one noticed them. All of the notifications appear in the same place and they are much more obvious.

Microsoft has also added a much-needed new Download Manager. Older versions of IE made it difficult to download programs, but it is much easier in IE 9. It makes use of the bottom of the screen notification area to let you see how the download is going as well as where it is going. There are also protections built into the downloader that will scan for viruses and alert you before you download an infected file.

IE 9 is faster and it includes support for HTML5, which is an up-and-coming new standard language for the Internet. Like Google Chrome, IE9 uses a single text box for addresses and searches. This makes navigating the web much simpler.

Now for the “What’s not too like!”.  First you can’t close a tab unless you are on that tab. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all allow you to close a tab by clicking on its X, even if you are not currently on that tab. Second, there is a reload button at the right side of the address/search bar. Right next to that is a Stop button. The Stop button has a big X on it.  The address bar shows the address of the webpage you are currently viewing. It seems logical that you might click on that X to close the current tab, but you can click all day and nothing will happen. The Stop button will only work when a webpage is downloading and you want to stop it. I don’t think that enough people will use that button to give it such a prominent placement and hope that Microsoft will consider removing it.

There are a few things other things you should know. First you can’t use IE 9 side-by-side with IE8. Installing 9 will replace 8 completely. Second, you can use it only with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

As I use Internet Explorer 9, I’ll give you further feedback, but for now, I can say it is by far the best browser that Microsoft ever released. If you have a Windows XP computer and use Internet Explorer as your web browser, this may even give you another reason to move to Windows 7.

The Internet Time Machine

Internet Time Machine Web Site
Internet Time Machine Web Site

Internet Time Machine Web Site

People often complain to me about how fast today’s world moves and changes. There is no doubt that everyone from the tech savvy Internet marketeer to the everyday consumer has trouble keeping up with today’s trends as well as today’s technology. People’s interests are constantly changing and staying on top of the trends can be a daunting task.

That’s where this new Internet tool shows its prowess. The Internet Time Machine — BTW, I love the name! — is a website that tracks current trends and allows the user become aware of potential niche marketing opportunities.

The Internet Time Machine scours the web to see what people are searching for. They have become such experts at this, that they have created their own new search engine called By monitoring 40 million words and phrases, they give you the top trends, and identify new nitches and hot products as they develop. The results from this search engine give you historical as well as recent top trends. The Internet Time Machine tracks the supply and demand curve. They actually let you see what’s in demand and where the supply is not meeting that demand. This allows you to pick up on new ideas and trends that you can monetize through the Internet.

You can check this service for free. The site is filled with interesting articles and videos. You may want to check it out just to see how well-implemented the idea is and to get a taste of the current trends. If you like what you see, you can purchase a premium membership for even more information and daily trends. Current interesting information on the site includes articles like “Chinese Web Traffic Secrets”, “Mangosteen”, and “An iPhone Niche to Make Money with”. You can even use The Internet Time Machine as an affiliate marketing product.

There is nothing more interesting that deciphering the current trends. Whether you use The Internet Time Machine to make money or to just ride the trends, it will give you a truly unique and useful perspective.

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